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Hi, I'm Michael—a former startup software engineer turned independent creator.My ambition is to achieve self-sufficiency in the digital sphere through innovative products and engaging content. This pursuit is about more than just autonomy; it's a journey towards a richer understanding of myself and the world, diving into ambitious projects driven by passion, and extending a helping hand to others.As I build and share, I strive for a harmony where my technical prowess and my zest for life fuel each other.Join me as we explore the art of possibility, crafting a future where technology doesn't just exist to serve us, but to elevate us—to the very essence of what it means to be human.

My Motto


In today's dynamic era, building transcends the physical creation of products or services—it's about forging a mindset resilient to change and ripe for growth.By leveraging AI as a catalyst, I'm not only developing innovative solutions but also advocating for a culture of self-reliance and personal mastery.Each project I undertake is a brick in the edifice of a new norm: working for oneself, creating value that echoes through society.


Learning for me goes far beyond acquiring skills for business success; it's about diving deep into the vast ocean of our curiosities.It's about embracing the complexities of psychology, the wisdom of philosophy, and the vitality of health and wellness.In an AI-driven world, this diverse expanse of knowledge becomes my compass, guiding me to a richer life and equipping me to navigate the future with confidence and versatility.


Earning is the natural progression from building with intention and learning with passion.It's not solely a measure of financial success, but a testament to the value we bring to the world.My community redefines earning—it's about the satisfaction and impact that stem from the meaningful application of our collective skills and insights. It's about the wealth of experiences, relationships, and personal growth we accrue along the way.


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